Sahara Grill: The Journey So Far. Past to Present

Founded in 2004, the renowned Sahara Grill chain of unique restaurants is widely recognised as being the original, influential and still the best innovators of today’s modern, flourishing halal cuisine. A relentless, dazzling array of mouthwatering dishes served daily to the countless number of loyal Sahara Grill customers is a long way removed from the restricted menu of options available to the dining out community when Sahara Grill were first inspired to begin the quest for cuisine creativity.

Sahara Grill Established

Ilford Branch Opens

Leyton branch refurbishment

Sahara Grill Re-brand


Ilford Branch expansion

New Whitechapel Branch

Plans for a new Leyton Branch


Move to New Leyton Branch


Plans for a Dubai Expansion

The story begins…

The Sahara Grill story began at a time when halal establishments in the UK could only offer a basic menu of curried dishes, fried chicken and pizzas. Family, friends and neighbours were constantly in search of a restaurant menu to equal or exceed the taste of their own halal home cooking, all to no avail.

Passionate in their desire for the local community to be able to enjoy a memorable restaurant experience, the Sahara Grill vision was – and still remains to this day – to serve a variety of new, exciting and premium quality dishes prepared to the highest halal standard, and to which steak is added as the supreme and irresistible centrepiece .

“The challenge was to introduce our diners to new flavour combinations while at the same time, satisfy their existing palate … but most of all we wanted to provide quality when the demand always seemed to focus on a low price meal”.

Dining out without compromise…

Sahara Grill has come to represent so much more in the daily life of the immediate community and beyond. Developing a reputation for unique grill preparation and inspired dishes would, ultimately, lead to Sahara Grill being widely embraced by a greater discerning public – from the north of England to as far away as Dubai.

Inspired Menus …

Where do the incredible ideas for Sahara Grill’s unusual dishes come from?

It’s a question intrigued diners often feel compelled to ask. The Sahara Grill experience is known far and wide for offering a tantalising combination of food preparation by time-honoured methods, and using unexpected ingredients to create surprising recipes of sheer grilled delight – often with a contemporary twist.

The secret of the Sahara Grill lies with key menu items inspired by culinary experts and skilled masterchefs whose long and varied experience and expertise were plied at top dining establishments, such as the Dorchester Hotel and Planet Hollywood.

Every dish has its own unique story behind the reason it was chosen! Perhaps a recipe was first created for a special celebration, unusual feast or exceptional request! By accident or design, experiment or adaptation, the intention is always to satisfy appetites and delight the senses! Sometimes a new suggestion here or a word of wisdom there will be precisely the vital ingredient or inspired technique needed to create a memorable dish…

Highest Standards of Sourcing, Preparation and Service…

Sahara Grill has built its unrivalled reputation on a founding ethos dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality food sourcing, finest preparation and impeccable customer service.

The entire Sahara Grill team are committed to the rigorous task of selecting only fresh Grade A premium cuts, observing stringent hygiene practice and daily, inhouse fresh preparation.

Every menu item, including all sauces, rice and coleslaw, is freshly prepared daily and cooked to individual customer order, yet served to a full house of one hundred covers within thirty minutes.

Preserving standards of culinary excellence in the world of competitive grilled cuisine brings challenges and responsibilities aimed at ensuring Sahara Grill customers become true grill lovers who place their value, above all else, in the quality of a memorable dining experience.

Relaxed Theme Styled Interiors…

Sahara Grill’s interior detailing reflects careful thought given to creating unique, themed-styled dining spaces.

Whatever the occasion, from a casual spur of the moment decision to a planned evening celebration, Sahara Grill offers different dimensions where you may indulge in your favourite grilled dish or even tempt your tastebuds with a new recipe.

You may choose to take a table within in the restaurant’s modern, stylish interior or alternatively, enjoy your favourite dishes in a more traditional low level lighting space, an ideal setting for evening meals and special occasions, where you can relax against a backdrop of subtly textured wallscapes and spotlit artefacts.

Our valued customers…

The entire team at Sahara Grill know that the success of their restaurants could not have been achieved without a growing community of loyal and valued customers, past, present and future.

It’s the reason why each and every single person who chooses to dine out at Sahara Grill is considered to be a very special customer and why we take this opportunity to say thank you for dining with us.

We give Praise…

“We thank and praise the Almighty Creator for giving us the opportunity and ability for an enduring commitment to good food and service excellence, and for making Sahara Grill the success that it is today”.